X-Ray Metal Detector TVT


High Performance Inspection System
a superior line of metal detectors that give you practical solutions for your security checkpoint installations.
We provide the Metal Detectors in a range consisting of Door Frame Metal Detector and Hand Held Metal Detector. All the Metal Detectors are provided at highly competitive price range so that they suit the pockets of all our clients.
If you have observed carefully, you will find that there are many kind and types of walk through metal detectors around us. When we finish our shopping at a supermarket we have to walk out of the exit through the walk through detector.
It is necessary to install walk through security metal detectors in public places like supermarkets, hotel, and many other public place in order to create a safety atmosphere. Usually the walk through metal can explore certain contraband goods that can bring danger to people, such as the handgun, knives.


Metal Detector TVT Paner